Submission Guides

The Mamba’s Submission Guideline:

We are looking forward to Africa themed haiku i.e. haiku about African sights, sounds and settings.

We may also accept haiku which explore a universal theme but must delight and thrill us.

– Haiku must contain clear images, settings and juxtaposition.

– Haiku must be concise and as brief as possible. (Though 17 syllable haiku are welcome)

– We encourage experimentation with haiku; therefore one-liners will be considered.

– We have zero tolerance for plagiarism, profanity, use of vulgar words and politically biased verses.

– We encourage the use of African season words as opposed to the Japanese kigo.

– We accept haiga as long as enough copyright evidence is provided for the haiku and picture respectively.

– Please submit 10 haiku and/or  5 photo haiku or haiga at a time.

Submission window will be open: October 15th, closes January 15th for February Issue; re-opens May 15th to August 15th for September Issue respectively.

The Mamba Journal will be published twice a year: February 15th and September 15th each year.

All submissions must be sent to: with the subject line labelled “The Mamba Submission”.

Submitters must include their full name/pen name, country and city of residence.